Role of the Partnership Board

Role of the Partnership Board

The Board shares information and speaks up for people with learning disabilities. It is for people who use services and for carers. We do our best to represent people who cannot speak for themselves.

The previous plan was not written by people with learning disabilities and some people did not know about it. We talked about a lot of important issues and thought it was time to rewrite a Plan because some things had changed.

We wanted the new Plan to be widely available to everyone. It was important to write about how people wanted to be supported and what things could make a difference in people’s lives.
The Board will be working to hold organisations, like health, social care and the police to account, in the delivery of this Plan”.

Associated Documents:

LD plan July 2014 (2.38MB)
LIG workshop notes and report (supporting carers and families, chapter 8) (83.53kb)
this is the LIG workshops report for section 8 of the plan.
LIG reps report (supporting carers and families) chapter 8 (1.78MB)
this is the LIG reps report for supporting carers and families (chapter 8) for the Hants LD Partnership Board on the 6th July 2016