Your Partnership Board meets four times a year to talk about the important things for people with learning disabilities and their family and carers. Its job is to make sure that things get better for people with learning disabilities by checking the promises in the LD plan.
Your Hampshire Learning Disability Partnership Board has 10 service user reps(two per LIG) and 5 parents/carers reps (one per LIG), one Adult services rep and one NHS rep as well as two co-chairs (elected member of the Council and one service user rep). Service users are supported by advocacy.
Because Hampshire is so big, we also have 5 Local Implementation Groups called LIGs. These groups bring together local people to look at what is happening in the local area with the services that they use.To find out more about your local LIG please select LIGs at the top of this page. You can read the Partnership Board minutes by clicking:minutes


  • New charter (September 2018) New charter (September 2018)